A customized software solution for logistics businesses


IMPEXO is a global platform for all the companies involved in logistic operations. Impexo’s integrated tools help businesses to grow their efficiency by streamlining their day to day business operations, addressing major problems in business operations, and keeping track of rates while working with multiple partners and vendors.


Simplify the rate enquiry and jobs management process and take control of your time. No more scattered data. Easy re- ports whenever needed.



Generate automated valid quote, invoices, follow up, forward enquiries to multiple vendors on one click. Enjoy automated comparison of rates and many more...



Easy upload of rates, overall tracking of job process and quick execution of operations of your Sales, Pricing, Operation team. We aid digitalization with simplification

Air Freight
Road Freight
Rail Freight
Ocean Freight


IMPEXO reduces time with benefits in which Impexo as a software differs from the traditional model with scalability and integration which also offers the sales department to perform their day to day tasks in a prominent and convenient manner. IMPEXO delivers the packages of convenience for all the Freight companies globally with the benefits of time-saving with easy options to enter required data. Customers of the company (or sales team on their behalf) can log in to the system and quickly enter rate enquiries.

  • Saves operating costs by generating automated reports on each consignment
  • Pending Jobs can be detected and assigned to the associated departments
  • Automation of Invoice, as well as payment. follow-ups can be done easily
  • Any Issue in the organization gets noticed right away through alerts and notifications
  • Acts as evidence of proper documentation and makes client and vendor legally


Freight Quote and Rate Management

Streamlined Freight Operations

In-app ordering and Rate Negotiation

Customer Relationship Management

Customer and Vendor Classification

Margin Control and Financial Control

Customer and Vendor Portal

Reporting and Insights

Employee Management, Roles and Granular Permissions

Contract Management

What can IMPEXO deliver?

IMPEXO delivers a range of technology that creates a convenient impact from the consignee to the operation department in a significant way.

  • Enables classification of customers by taking note of their enquiry, ordering and payment patterns
  • Generates organisational fact sheets
  • Analysis of completed work can be undertaken from the reports on performance which are maintained and quickly found and viewed
  • Weakness of an organization or the flaws of its department can be detected
  • Research and developmentcan also be initiated based on the data and reports Impexo delivers the operational simplification for medium scale logistics companies to minimize operational cost and maximize revenue
  • Business Operationsare streamlined through automated instant messages, notifications, alerts, texts

Business Operation Benefits

Your business operations streamlined through automated instant notifications, alerts, emails, text and mobile app push messages

Bringing the Idea of the Digitally Interconnected freight forwarders serving diversified global needs to Reality


A Complete Logistic Management Solution